Thursday, January 31, 2013

bon voyage

So remember how I got married in June 16, 2012?  Well maybe I forgot to mention about how I started a new job on June 1, 2012 - and promptly used my vacation time for the year to go get married and take a honeymoon.  Haha.  Needless to say, 2012 was a year of many changes, many new things... one being the subject of this post, that is, my new job.  I have been blessed with an awesome job.  Working as a young attorney can be rough - the legal community too often than not takes advantage of young associates eager to impress and sucks the life in work/life balance out of them.  Partners can be cruel, and an associate can be viewed for her billable-hour worth instead of for the quality of her work-product.  I have seen it happen.  But thankfully, God has shielded me from that and has blessed me with this job.  I get to do work that I enjoy, with coworkers that are terrific to work with, and at the end of the day I get to go home feeling proud of what I accomplished that day.

Oh, and did I mention the huge perk that I get to go to a conference in San Diego tomorrow?  For 5 days?  For free?!?  :-D  Yippee!!  California, here we come!  70 degrees and sunny every day, yes please.  Especially when it's currently a typical dreary January day up here, complete with 26 degrees and snow galore.  I mean, I love winter and all, but I am ready for spring to arrive. 

Although I will be in meetings during the conference, Steve and I are flying out a day early to see some of the sights.  The thing I am most looking forward to seeing?  These guys at the San Diego Zoo!


I've never seen a panda in real life and am almost giddy thinking about it.  The last encounter that I had with a wild animal was swimming with manatees during our honeymoon.  Although I doubt this will quite be the same (I mean, come on, swimming with manatees, who can top that??), I am still excited to see the famous zoo. 

Now it's time to get to packing!  Catch ya on the flip side!

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