Friday, January 11, 2013

auld lang syne

Happy New Year (11 days late)! :)  New Years Eve is such a fun holiday (well, technically a half-holiday - my office closed at noon.  Hooray!).  Full of excitement, anticipation, and a sense of impatience with the past year as we bid it farewell and enter a new one.  It's kind of funny though, really, because everyone in the world waits breathlessly for the "New Year" - that moment when the NYC ball drops and confetti flies through the air, when people turn to their loved ones and exchange hugs and kisses... and then the moment is gone.  It's "officially" the new year, everyone returns home to their beds and wake up to begin another day - albeit, maybe with great visions of new years resolutions and life changes and goals, but nothing magical happens overnight.  We just usher in another sunrise, another day.  It really amazes me how one ordinary day can be made into something so fascinating, thrilling, and sometimes even life-changing.  I mean, just look at the excitement in this picture!  All for a single moment!

What I personally love the most about NYE is that it allows you to look back on the past year.  To praise God for the things that you were blessed with throughout the year, and to appreciate some of the hard times (and what you learned through them).  Only on NYE does that ever really happen!  I'll be honest, I never find myself sitting down on August 24th, or March 5th, and thinking about my life over the past year.  What a cool thing that December 31st gives us that special time to reflect and rejoice in the beauty of the past year. 

Our NYE this year was spent with great friends doing ordinary things - a euchre tournament, Monopoly (with credit cards instead of cash money!?  Who'd have thought!), sharing pizza and an epic "couples quiz."  One tradition that we were introduced to was painting a summary of the past year.  I am no artist by any means, but the entire concept was such a great way to look back through all the "stuff" of this past year - our wedding, new job, honeymoon, new house, Pops' passing, sin struggles and wounds, visits with friends and family, fights, struggles with life - and be able to see clearly what really matters.  I've been struggling lately with life and, to be honest, wasn't really sure what I would draw.  So many things and moments of this past year have been tainted in my head.  But one thing stood out - the everlasting glory of God's love and of his plan for Steve and me.  So I did my best to paint something that would remind me every day of His great love and faithfulness.  You can see us hard at work and my little piece of art here:

Steve claims that my little cross and wedding bands are a masterpiece (haha, that's quite funny), so it may end up on a wall in our house at some point despite my protestations.  We will see!  :)

On a sidenote - did you know that "Auld Lang Syne" is often translated as "old long ago"?  I think that is just so beautiful.  Here's to New Year's being an opportunity to reflect not only on God's faithfulness not just in the past year, but even in times long ago.

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