Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Highlight Reel

This summer has been pretty busy around these parts!  Between Memorial Day and the 4th of July, Steve and I traveled every weekend but one!  So time has really flown.  Here's what we've been up to so far this summer, one picture at a time.

We enjoyed a Texas Rangers game - complete with thirteenth row seats behind home plate and garlic parmesan fries - thanks to by a generous coworker of mine.

I spent a weekend in beautiful Chicago for a work retreat and had the best time with my colleagues.

My flight back to Dallas was cancelled due to weather, but the silver lining was that I got to spend an entire extra day with Gannie and my aunt at this beloved place.

Steve and I celebrated our 4th anniversary at Bob's Chophouse, a Dallas staple, with some of the most delicious filets and mac & cheese ever.  <3

My family spent a beautiful weekend at Broken Bow, OK for a boating weekend in honor of Father's Day.

I practiced getting some air on the wakeboard - this is the best I have done so far and I am looking forward to continuing to improve!

I got some much needed quality time with these beloved ladies.

I don't have a picture to share (I left that to my brother in law, who is a semi-professional photographer!) but Steve and I traveled to Slapout, Alabama to celebrate his sweet grandmother's 90th birthday.  It was my first time to Slapout and I was glad to see where Steve spent many summers growing up, and to get to know some of his extended family better.  It was a great visit!

After returning from Alabama, we caught some fireworks and spent the 4th of July out on the lake with plenty of wake surfing.  Being able to boat with my family on a regular basis has been such a highlight of my summer.  Boating has been a lifelong hobby of mine and I am so glad to be able to do it so often again!

One of my high school friends and his wife moved to Dallas!  We celebrated with dinner and lots of catching up.

And lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention in this post the devastating shooting that took place in Dallas last week.  As Dallasites of 1.5+ years now, it has really been heartbreaking to see the pain this has caused our city.  But I am also encouraged by photos, videos and news coverage around town showing the helpers rising up and bringing the city back together.  Please keep Dallas and the loved ones of the Dallas police officers whose lives were lost in your prayers.

I hope you are having a great summer!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Mexico Weekend

My family gathered in New Mexico over Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate my grandad's life at his memorial service.  My mom, dad, Steve and I hit the road on Friday afternoon for the long drive to Albuquerque.  It was my first time driving through the Texas Panhandle and we decided to embrace the experience with rattlesnake signs and cowboy hats.

My grandad's memorial service was on Saturday.  It was a lovely service and the room was full of smiles and happy tears as people recounted stories from Grandad's life.  He was one special man.  The service was held in an old pioneer chapel, which was quite beautiful.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with my extended family (and my sister, who flew in separately).  We watched the 100th running of the Indy 500 on Sunday (Steve and I usually go to the race but had different plans this year) and afterwards, in the spirit of the 500, a group of us headed to the Unser Museum.  It was a lot of fun.


We hit the road bright and early on Monday morning for the long drive back to DFW.  We caught the sun rising over the Sandias Mountains, and stopped at the (in)famous Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo.

I'm glad we were able to all gather together in New Mexico in honor of my grandfather.  He was a great man and I am proud to be his granddaughter.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sara Does Dallas

One of my very best friends, Sara, came down from Indiana to visit last month.  It was her second trip to Dallas (she came down to see us this and I was determined to make it as fun and as Dallas-y as possible.  We had the best time!

Once she arrived on Friday, we headed over to my favorite happy hour spot in town, Happiest Hour, before meeting up with Steve for dinner at one of our favorite Uptown tex mex spots.  We had a lot of catching up to do!

We began the day on Saturday with a four mile hike at Cedar Ridge Preserve.  I am a big fan of Cedar Ridge and was glad to be able to share it with Sara.  We hiked, we chatted, we tromped through some mud - it was a great time!

Post-hike Whataburger diet cokes for the win!

Next up was lunch at the park with food truck grilled cheese - so Texan.  

After a shopping trip to Target (our tradition), we headed to Deep Ellum for the evening.  We strolled through the area and took in some of its eccentricities before joining Steve for the best sushi in town - Deep Sushi!  

We wrapped up the evening with cocktails and more catching up.  Sara and I are both ESFJ personalities and if there is anything we love to do, it's talking!  Sara is one of those friends who I text and call a ton, but when I see her in person we still manage to have so much catching up to do!

 I was sad to see Sara leave on Sunday, but my heart was full from the time we got to spend together. Thanks for coming to visit, Sara!  Dallas misses you already!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

San Diego: Day 3

{Check out this post, this one and this one for a recap of the first and second days of our girls' trip to San Diego!  And a huge thanks to my mom and sister for the pretty pictures in this post!}

Our third and final day in San Diego began with dessert for breakfast.  My sister found this little funky breakfast place that served the most delicious french toast and pancakes.  I ordered a pancake flight, which consisted of a plain cake, a peanut butter cup one and the special of the day, which included white chocolate chips and cream, topped with coconut.  Oh my goodness, it was heavenly.  My sister ordered the french toast special and we immediately went into sugar comas.  Totally worth it.

After awakening from our comas, we headed off to perhaps San Diego's most famous tourist spot - the San Diego Zoo!

We arrived at the zoo right when it opened and managed to see all of the big players in action.  It was an interesting experience having just interacted with animals so much at Nature by Nurture the day before.  A different experience, certainly, but still very fun in its own right.  We started off with a visit to the pandas...

...saw the elephants and explored the jungle...

...hung out with some polar bears (and had a height contest - I lost!)...

...chilled with some koalas...

...and hiked all over the zoo.  We were worn out by the time we were through but it was well worth it!  We did manage to see some otters, too, but it just wasn't quite the same as playing with them in a pool the day before ;)

Once we left the zoo, we had a few hours before we needed to head to the airport.  So we drove across the bridge over to Coronado Island.  We walked along the beach and enjoyed the beautiful view.

After a quick trip to Starbucks, it was time to head home.  The trip was such an incredible experience packed into just a few days.  I loved making these memories with my mom and sister, and look forward to more girls' trips in the future. <3

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